BCCC Intro

Norman & Jenny Cullen

Hi, first let us introduce ourselves; we are husband and wife team Norman & Jenny Cullen and we are privileged to be ministers of Bryn Christian Community Church.  Both of us have been Christians since the early 1980’s and were called to Bryn in 2013 being officially ordained into the ministry in March 2016. We have both served in our local churches over the years.  Jenny has had a music ministry since the 1980’s and has in the past led praise and worship across the UK.  Norman leads bible study and preaches the word of God. Norman and Jenny have a real heart to reach out and help the community through the love of Christ and a passion to bring the solid Word of God encouraging growth in Christlikeness and service for every believer. The church is not a building or four walls the church is people born again and filled with the Spirit of God, living in the world to show the love and power of God through our living relationship with Jesus Christ.

We encourage people to grow in their faith, knowledge and the love of our Lord and King Jesus Christ living the Kingdom life promised by Jesus. We value unity and one accord. The Holy Spirit is our promise in this present age; we seek His presence, His teaching and His guidance. His manifest presence is the essence of life in the believer and the church. God is first and last.

We believe that all men and women have an equal part to play in the Body of Christ. An open heart to the truth and obedience to the Spirit and Word of God is all that is required.

In this coming age God is speaking to His church (the Body of Christ) the world over. The time for pretence, luke-warm faith and compromise is finished. Church programmes and even our regular attendance is not enough.  We need to return to our first love, to re-kindle our zeal for His house. A house of prayer, praise, power and His presence. The world needs to know that Jesus is alive and real. His reality demands reverence. Our reality is lost without Him.

We live in a broken and desperate world, people looking for answers, and searching in all the wrong places. Jesus has the words of eternal life.  At BCCC we are passionate in praying and seeking the Lord in prayer for revival but we believe it begins in the hearts of the people of God.  When we see with God’s eyes, hear with His ears and feel with His heart we will recognise that we cannot do anything without Him. What is necessary is that we lay our lives down before Him ad let Him lead us to cooperate and be in alignment with Him and His will.

“He who says he abides in Him ought himself also to walk just as He walked” 1 John 2:6

Bryn Christian Fellowship

Bryn Christian Community Church

Bryn CCC has been here since 1986 and was founded by men and women of God who came together from different backgrounds having outgrown their previous meeting place.  Through hard work and dedication to building the church, over the years Bryn has helped the community in working with the children and youth of the area.  We thank God for their obedience and vision, and for all of the prayer and hard work that has gone in to making Bryn what it is today.

Genesis 26 v 22

‘For now the Lord has made room for us, and we will be fruitful in the Land”

Bryn Christian Fellowship became Bryn Christian Community Church on 1st January 2016 as a result of the clear leading of God to open the doors and take the love of Jesus into the Community.  We have a great love for the people of Bryn and are here to help and support.

As well as Norman & Jenny we have Jackie Siddall on our leadership team. Jackie has been a Christian for 20+ years and is a great blessing to the church in many ways. Jackie heads up the ladies ministry at Bryn and has a passion to see women encouraged, loved, whole and know their worth in God.